Where did my airplanes go? Yet another military move.

The Military Life Brings Unique Challenges: Upon learning we would likely transfer to Hawaii, we reluctantly decided to sell out two airplanes (Cherokee 180 and Vans RV-4). This news came as we were in the middle of finding a Twin Comanche and Stock Stearman to add to the fleet, so we had already considered selling one or both of the ships anyway. Still, what a damper. We don’t know when we will buy another airplane…well I do….and it will happen to be the same month we return from this assignment to Hawaii.

A Good Problem to Have: As one can tell, we both enjoy having and using our planes. My wife is also a Soldier, and it looks like she will be moving with me this time around which is always a good thing. Our plan is to get to Hawaii and find someone nice enough to let me use their airplane. I tend to dislike renting or joining clubs. Renting as I don’t trust the airplanes very often (or the bottom 10% of renters who fly them). Clubs for another reason a but more pretentious, I’m afraid. Many (not all) of the clubs I have been in have a great core of members who just want to fly and take care of the airplane. Unfortunately, they also have a core who seem to know everything about, well…everything. Why bother with going through the trouble of gaining experience in something when you can simply say you have the experience, problem solved! One example was a club who told me that their Northern state didn’t experience hail when I objected to a 20K paint job on a Cessna 172 destined to sit on the ramp uncovered. 20K for a Skyhawk paint job…that sits outside…let that sink in.

We sold the Cherokee to a good friend, so it stings less knowing it is in good hand and we will see her again. Will update you again when the RV sells, although admittedly I am dragging my feet there…hard.

Now you see why I’m dragging my feet..right?

Keep the small wheel where it belongs. -Paul

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