Maintaining a 1:1 takeoff-to-landing ratio since 1998


Paul McLemore

50% Active Duty Army Officer, 50% Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, 50% General Aviation Pilot and Flight Instructor…and aspiring mathematician.

Flying is one of the last areas in my life where I have full and complete control. I am a proud airport bum. I have owned and maintained four aircraft since I was 22-years old, and flown over 30-unique makes and models of light aircraft including gliders.

How May I Help You?

Want to learn how to fly your antique aircraft? Need help keeping your Pitts from trying to spring off the runway? Scared of your Stearman?

Aircraft Acquisition Assistance

If I have owned, maintained, or flown the aircraft you want to buy and feel I can be of genuine help, I will do whatever I can to get you into a new ride safely and without waste. If I can’t, I most likely know someone who can.

Flight Instruction

I don’t teach people to fly; I teach people to fly safely. In my professional career, as in my flying, mitigating risk is paramount. In light aircraft, we mitigate risk not simply by ensuring adequate theoretical knowledge but also through experience.

If you are worried about how many hours it may take you to complete the certificate, I am not the guy for you. I simply don’t care. Saving you money while teaching you to fly a 3K pound piece of aluminum at 100+ MPH is simply not my priority. Nor should it be yours.

Aircraft Ferrying

If I can do it safely, and my insurance covers it, I’ll move your aircraft where you need it to go. I do not like to mix dual training with ferry flights as they are diamterically opposed mission sets, sorry.

The chances of me flying your Cessna 150 or Piper 140 across the country are negligible, find a baby pilot.

Now…if you have a Cub that has to move I might turn it into a camping adventure. Thats the kind of ferry I look to do.

Work With Me

*Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, I am not currently booking any clients at this time. Fly safe!